41-3108 400 Lumen Remote Phosphor 4D LED Twin Globe Lantern 

Price: $49.99 

New Advanced Remote Phosphor LED Technology 
Quick Specs
Lumens: 400
Run Time:       
100 Hours High / 200 Hours Low
Beam Distance: 20 Feet
Bulb Type: LED 360°
Batteries: 4 D cell
Product Dimensions: Base 5", Globe 3 3/4" Height 10 1/2"
41-3108 400 Lumen Remote Phosphor  4D LED Twin Globe Lantern
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The first battery operated LED Lantern to approximate the characteristics of a traditional gas/mantel lantern.

The Dorcy 41-3108 400 Lumen 4D Twin Globe LED Lantern is the first battery operated lantern to approximate the illumination characteristics of traditional gas / mantel lanterns. Its design allows it to radiate 360° of light with 400 lumens of output. The durable body construction allows this lantern to float and makes it completely waterproof, with an IPX7 rating. The Twin Globe Lantern features two brightness settings, high and low, as well as an amber night light. The highest LED settings allows for 100 hours of continuous use, with the lowest giving 200 hours. The amber LED setting allows for 1000 hours of continuous use. The lantern is topped off with a sturdy handle featuring a pop-out hanger hook for hands free use. Requires 4 D cell batteries to operate (not included).
Product Specifications
Lumens: 400
Run Time:
   Night Light

100 Hours
200 Hours
1,000 Hours
Beam Distance: 20 Feet
Bulb Type: LED 360° With Remote Phosphor Technology
Batteries: 4 D cell
Product Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: Base 5" Wide, Globe Area 3 3/4" Wide
10 1/2" Height, 12 1/2"  Height with Handle Extended
Product Weight: Bulk  
Product Weight: Packaged 1.75 lbs
Available Color(s): Green
Switch: Turn Button: Low, High, Night Light
Additional Features: Night Light, 1 or 2 Globe Operation Run Times
UPC: 035355431087

Overall Customer Rating: (4.00)
Date:  1/21/2013
I bought two of these a year ago one works the second doesn't Directions are very poor. It worked once but hasn't worked again 4 (2hours) MAX.
Date:  9/20/2012
Great lantern. I had this on a recent camping trip and everyone loved it. We used it all weekend long and it didn't even seem to get weaker. When we didn't need it on we left the night light part on so it was easy to locate in the dark. We left it out all weekend and didn't worry about it getting wet if it rained (which it did over night one night), it is water proof and it even floats! Very good lantern, easy to use switch, nice night light feature and two levels of bright light, long runtime and durable. Also has a handle with hidden hook, very nice feature.
Date:  8/31/2011
This Dorcy lantern is now my all time favorite Dorcy product. I ordered this light from Dorcy direct when hurricane Irene was about to hit and received it the next day. We lost power for 3 days and we ran the lantern continuously for all 3 days and never had to change the batteries. I am so amazed on how bright these led's are. I also see that Dorcy offers a smaller version of the same light but with only 1 led. I am going to stock my NY home as well as my Naples condo with these. It truly was a life saver. Thank you Dorcy!
Date:  5/17/2011
This is a great lantern. It has a brilliant white output and has an EXTREMELY long battery life compared to other bands. The distribution of light is better than any other LED lantern I have tested and being waterproof is a nice feature. The only reason I dinged it one star is that the description says "to approximate the illumination characteristics of traditional gas / mantel lanterns." Even the word approximate is a bit of an over-statement, even the compact single mantle gas lanterns are outputting in the 230 lumen range and the full size double mantle ones are in the 1200+ range. Is this lantern going to light up your whole campsite, no. When camping, is it going to give plenty of light cook by, play cards by, find your way to the latrine or beer cooler, ABSOLUTELY!!Another plus you can use it in the tent or indoors for emergencies. Retailing at $29.00 (5/2011)they are a good price. The cost of running this is a fraction (a very small fraction) of what it costs to run a gas lantern not to mention the safety issues when using gas. I could not find a better LED lantern when looking at cost, output, $/hr and run-time.
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