41-4278 305 Lumen LED Aluminum Flashlight 

Price: $39.99 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 305 high / 122 low
Run Time: 2 high
Beam Distance: 263 meters high / 175 meters low
Bulb Type: Cree LED X-PE Q5
Batteries: 6 AAA Included
Product Dimensions: 7.75" L X 1.25" W
41-4278 305 Lumen LED Aluminum Flashlight
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The newly redesigned 41-4278 LED flashlight has a FL1 Standard rating of 305 Lumens and runs on 6AAA batteries. The 41-4278 LED Aluminum Flashlight features an intense beam of white light that projects a beam distance of 263 meters. The flashlight is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum alloy and has a side mounted barrel push button switch, allowing for ease of use. Containing rubber O-rings allows this flashlight to be sealed against moisture. The 305 Lumen 6AAA LED Aluminum Flashlight comes complete with 6 AAA cell batteries.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 305 high setting / 104 low setting
Run Time: 2 Hours high setting
Beam Distance: 263 meters high
Bulb Type: Cree LED X-PE Q5
Batteries: 6 AAA Included
Product Material: Aluminum Alloy
Product Dimensions: 7.60" L X 1.25" W
Dimensions Head: 1.50"
Product Weight: 5.9 oz without batteries
8.5 oz with batteries
10.5 oz packaged
Available Color(s): Gun Metal Gray
Switch: Push button side switch
Additional Features: Lanyard
 UPC  035355442786
Overall Customer Rating: (2.67)
Date:  2/27/2015
Light is bright and well sized. Body and switch feel high quality. So far, so good. When I went to change batteries however, the battery holder just fell apart when I removed the batteries. Wow. Am ordering a replacement holder, but this sure lowers my perception on quality on the flashlight.
Date:  9/6/2012
i also had the costco version of this light but this new updated one blows it away. The beam is intense and the new switch is very durable. When i say intense it seams like it is easily 5 times as bright. I would recommend this light to anyone
Date:  6/1/2012
This new version is amazing. I have used this on the job(security guard) for about a week now and it is working great. This new one is so much much brighter than the old one. i would recommend this light for sure.
Date:  1/19/2012
This was part of a two pack package from Costco. Loved this flashlight,and it's smaller mate, both really good construction. Then I dropped this one time from waist high and it stopped working. Hate to toss it, nothing I can see broke, but can't get at the guts in front to completely check it out.
Date:  12/16/2011
At first, great flashlight. Batteries started to go, so I changed them. Didn't work after that. WTF?
Date:  8/30/2011
Had this light for 2 weeks and now it does not work at all waste of money.
Date:  6/26/2011
I have the Sears Craftsman version of this flashlight. Great flashlight, powerful beam, but I agree, its fragile!!! It got dropped once and won't work anymore. Haven't had any luck finding a replacement bulb either. Otherwise I would've given it a 3 rating. It is alot of money wasted.
Date:  12/5/2010
Thought it was a super light, but it is a fragile, the battery pack is lightweight construction and that is what broke on me.
Date:  11/7/2010
It is a nice size an throws a very good light and beam. I down rated it because it is fragile. I dropped it and the light went off - permanently. Problem is, I don't see replacement bulbs being available in my store or online here. Also, the specs listed here do not match the specs on the sales PDF or item package. Here, 5 hrs and 165 ft beam; on PDF and package, 12 hours and 100 ft. beam. What are we supposed to believe? Most disappointing. $30 down the drain.
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