41-1088 5 Million CP Rechargeable Spotlight 

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Quick Specs
Lumens: 5 Million Candle Power
Run Time: 30 Minutes
Beam Distance: 600 Feet
Bulb Type: 100 watt halogen bulb
Batteries: Rechargeable
Product Dimensions: 12.5" L X 7" W
41-1088 5 Million CP Rechargeable Spotlight
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The 5 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spotlight features a high capacity sealed lead acid rechargeable battery, for longer lasting life. The spotlight has a pistol grip design for greater portability and well as a flat base for added stability and hands-free use. The spotlight features an trigger locking switch and a 90° pivoting head. This spotlight comes complete with a AC charging adaptor and a DC charging adaptor, allowing charging at home or on the go. The 5 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spotlight is ideal for use in trucks, boats, hunting, construction, and camping

Product Specifications
Lumens: 5 Million Candle Power
Run Time: 30 Minutes
Beam Distance: 600 Feet
Bulb Type: 100 watt halogen bulb
Batteries: Rechargeable
Product Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: 12.5" L X 7" W
Bezel Diameter: 5.45"
Product Weight: 4.0 lbs
Available Color(s): Silver
Switch: Locking trigger switch
Additional Features: Non-Slip Rubber Grip
Locking Trigger Switch
Free Standing
Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery
Includes AC & DC Chargers
Overall Customer Rating: (2.00)
Date:  8/13/2014
I have had the misfortune of purchasing two of these, both came with a china brand 5 amp hour sealed lead acid and a 12 volt charger...yep that's right a 6 volt battery and a 12 volt charger, and to top it off both of the chargers put out 20+ volts, not the rated 12 which is devastating for a 6 volt battery in the first place. Im amazed that the batteries didn't explode, but none the less what a shitty company.So for all the people that wonder why it never holds a charge or lasts more than 2 uses.....this is why, its absolute garbage, and a fire hazard.
Date:  2/21/2013
Light works awesome, use it on almost a daily basis guiding for fish in wisconsin. On my third battery in 7 years which is very good for the hundreds of charging cycles I put them through. Can't believe so many people would have troubles with these as some of my friends and clients have had no troubles. You must maintain the battery or it will be dead when you need it. Same as all other rechargeable devices. Awesome tool for you collection!!!
Date:  1/9/2013
Can't believe this product is still on the market! Battery stinks, light worked once.
Date:  11/3/2012
Needed during a major hurricane. It would not charge nor turn on.... Garbage!
Date:  10/30/2012
one time use-dead
Date:  9/11/2012
Light does not even charge when plugged in. Worse light I have ever purchased. Junk!
Date:  2/13/2012
Date:  1/10/2012
Used three times. Battery died and won't charge. You can't store this light without charging periodically, which is a real pain. Then, it doesn't last long after you charge it.
Date:  10/13/2011
Light is great make sure to read how to maintain the battery.
Date:  8/28/2011
Not enough light time for the amount of time it takes to charge. Only used 2 times since Dec 2010 and now red light never goes off when recharging. Wouldn't buy again.
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