41-1086 2 Million CP RechargeableĀ 

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Product Specifications
Lumens: 2 Million Candle Power
Run Time: 30 Minutes
Beam Distance: 400 Feet
Bulb Type: 100 watt halogen bulb
Batteries: Rechargeable
Product Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: 12.5" L X 6" W
41-1086 2 Million CP Rechargeable
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The 2 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spotlight features a high capacity sealed lead acid rechargeable battery, for longer lasting life. The spotlight has a pistol grip design for greater portability and well as a flat base for added stability and hands-free use. This spotlight comes complete with a AC charging adaptor and a DC charging adaptor, allowing charging at home or on the go. The 2 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spotlight is ideal for use in trucks, boats, hunting, construction, and camping.

Product Specifications
Lumens: -
Run Time: 30 Minutes
Beam Distance: 400 Feet
Bulb Type: 100 watt halogen bulb
Batteries: Rechargeable
Product Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: 12.5" L X 6" W
Bezel Diameter: 4.45"
Product Weight: 3.5 lbs
Available Color(s): Silver
Switch: Locking trigger switch
Additional Features: Non-Slip Rubber Grip
Locking Trigger Switch
Free Standing
Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery
Includes AC & DC Charging Adaptors

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    Overall Customer Rating: (1.30)
    Date:  9/13/2014
    Used MAYBE 3 times. Nice bright light but would only hold a charge for less than 10 minutes. Now it will not charge. WASTED $$$$.
    Date:  6/12/2014
    Died after 9 months with limited, but regular use.
    Date:  1/6/2013
    Bulb and battery both work, but entire unit won't. Either switch or circuit board have failed. Neither of which are replaceable parts I can order. Good unit for when it works, but pretty poor design for it to fail so soon after my purchase with so little use to date.
    Date:  4/20/2012
    lasted 2 weeks...circuit board burned up. don't buy this pile!!!!!
    Date:  10/13/2011
    I like the light it works great. But you do need to read the instructions on the battery or it is dead.
    Date:  9/30/2011
    Ditto on battery not holding charge. Poor design and lots of dissatisfied customers
    Date:  8/26/2011
    Battery no longer holds a charge. Come on Dorcy, issue a recall.
    Date:  8/4/2011
    When it works it works well, but the bulb and battery died after one year. I replaced the bulb and it worked but the battery won't hold a charge anymore. And I did not use it that much! Won't spend any more money on replacement parts.
    Date:  7/14/2011
    It worked once. Does not charge (this is the first time I tried to charge it up)-light doesn't work-now I'm supposed to recycle the lead battery that doesn't charge????
    Date:  11/17/2010
    purchased in 02/2008 from Costco; now 11/2010; light no longer works ?? maybe battery died even though I recharged every 2 months
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