41-4297 150 Lumens 3AAA K2 LED flashlight 

Price: $39.99 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 150
Run Time: 3 Hours
Beam Distance: 150 Meters
Bulb Type: Luxeon K2
Batteries: 3 AAA Included
Length: 4.76" X 1.38

41-4297 150 Lumens 3AAA K2 LED flashlight
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*** NEW UPGRADED SWITCH  *** ANSI FL1 Tested  ***
The 150 Lumen LED Battery Indicator Flashlight features a High Powered K2 Luxeon LED Solid State Diode for optimal light output. The flashlight is constructed of anodized aluminum and contains a recessed tail cap switch with a built-in LED battery indicator. This battery indicator has a green LED indicating more than 20% battery power remaining, and a red LED indicating less than 20% battery power remaining. The 150 Lumen LED Battery Indicator Flashlight comes complete with 3 AAA cell batteries.
Product Specifications
Lumens: 150
Run Time: 3 Hours
Beam Distance: 150 Meters
Bulb Type: Luxeon K2
Batteries: 3 AAA Included
Product Material: 6463 Aluminum Alloy
Length: 4.76"
Bezel Diameter: 1.38"
Product Weight: 0.23 lbs
Available Color(s): Black
Switch: Tail cap push
Additional Features: LED Forever Bulb & Tail Cap Power Indicator - Turns Green to Red when 20%Less
UPC# 035355442977

Overall Customer Rating: (3.50)
Date:  11/15/2013
Gave many as gifts, work great at first, then switch goes wonky/intermittent.
Date:  3/21/2013
Great flashlight for what it was designed to do. Bright, with a battery indicator. As the other reviews said, horrible push button. I had one that failed in a year, got it replaced with the warranty, that has failed in a year and I bought a back up which has failed in a year also. Three lights that are great paper weights due to poor push button design. I am a mechanic for light rail and use my flash light for about 2 hours of use through out the night, with a very long battery run time. They have surrvived a thiry foor drop (happened the second week I owned it) and continuede to work flawlessly, until the push button failed to work. I would continue to buy this light if only the switch was improved. That is the only flaw to me.
Date:  2/26/2013
Awesome flashlight except for the stupid on off button it sticks and fails to work. I use it on the oil rigs and need a dependable flashlight. Need to fix the on off button!
Date:  2/9/2013
Battery cartridge is made so cheap that it breaks inside the flashlight from the pressure of twisting on the cap. I have 2 and they are both broken just money down the drain. I see why they offer replacement cartridges, it's because they break so easy.
Date:  1/30/2013
Was given two for Xmas, like them so much am ordering two more, one for each car and one for each nite stand.
Date:  3/19/2012
I just got a new one, due to the failed switch on the old model. Customer service was great, I got a brand new one with the upgraded switch less than a week after mailing my old one. In the new model they even Firefighter-proofed it: it works, no matter which way I install the battery holder! Also, the lens appears to be more recessed, so maybe I won't scratch it. Oh and batteries included, nice touch. I carry it everywhere. Thanks Dorcy!
Date:  2/10/2012
When the flashlight switches on, it provides an ample amount of light for almost every task. However, after using the flashlight for about 12 months and 8 days, the switch didn't always turn on or off the LED. Eventually leaving the +$30 flashlight inoperable. So much for LED dependability. This is the second flashlight I have owned that was made by Dorcy that ended up in the trash due to a problematic switch. I called their customer service dept and they stood by their 1 Year warranty and did nothing.
Date:  2/6/2012
Extremely good light-all but the tail-cap switch. The switch contineuosly ceases to properly function. I have returned it 5 times now, and on the brand new one I got with the shortened switch, the switch only stays on and I believe the trouble lies in the electronic switch's battery indicator. I would suggest Dorcey manufacturers should remove the battery indicator or at least make it a seperate circuit and a standerd isometric push button.
Date:  12/23/2011
Best small flashlight ever!!! Great product.
Date:  12/21/2011
Very bright but requires a smack almost everytime i use it. it stops working in the middle of use and comes back to life with a quick smack. great when it works.
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